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Relaxed and personal

These one-day workshops have been designed with an individual focus in mind. With group sizes of no more than six people, you can rest assured that your specific concerns will have the time and space to be heard and addressed directly. The relaxed and private atmosphere allows us to talk with you about issues rather than solely lecture you on what we think you need to know. Our prices are dependent on whether the workshop runs in the low season (April, May, September, October), or the high season (June, July, August).

Anger management

Anger always gets a bad rap but the key is to be able to use it as an energy constructively. During this workshop, you will learn to identify when and how you feel your anger, what your triggers are, how you currently deal with anger, and how to improve your relationship with it. This is based on working with what you are thinking as well as what you are feeling. The intention is to build a better relationship with yourself and others.

*Earlybird, must be booked more than 4 weeks in advance.

Communication and assertiveness

Do you find you lose your voice when trying to speak out? Worry that what you have to contribute won’t be any good? Feel like you can see a train crash in your personal and professional relationships but are powerless to stop it because you can’t find the words? Then this workshop may just be the thing you need. You can discover what holds you back and learn better ways of communication that will help you assert yourself in situations where you need to find your voice.

*Earlybird, must be booked more than 4 weeks in advance.

Conflict resolution

Conflict is often avoided at all costs because of a fear of its potential for destruction. Alternatively, you may not have a fear of conflict, but find that when you try to tackle issues they never get resolved and just end up in hurtful arguments that repeat endlessly. In this workshop, we will take a look at how conflict can be used constructively to build better relationships. You will learn ways to approach conflicts and establish better lines of communication so that you can understand and work with conflicts more effectively.

*Earlybird, must be booked more than 4 weeks in advance.


A day of Mindfulness meditation aboard the beautiful Carole Ann, afloat on the River Medway. This workshop can serve as an introduction to Mindfulness or a way to refresh your theory and practice in an idyllic setting. The intention is that you will disembark more relaxed, aware, and equipped with an understanding of methods that you can then integrate with the sometimes more choppy waters of life, to help cultivate calmness and clarity in the everyday.

*Earlybird, must be booked more than 4 weeks in advance.

Self-esteem building

Our self-esteem workshop is designed to make sense of how you hold yourself back so that you don’t ever really reach the full potential that you know you are capable of. We will explore how your inner critic means you end up being ‘undervalued’, ‘worthless’ or ‘small’ when approaching life. Discover alternative perspectives and powerful ways to silence that inner critic that will give you the skills to make changes in how you live, relate to others, and ultimately achieve your personal and professional goals.

*Earlybird, must be booked more than 4 weeks in advance.

Stress management

This workshop will be useful for anyone having difficulty managing both the day to day stresses of life, but also the long term and potentially more damaging chronic stress brought about by a lifestyle that just isn’t working. We will understand what causes stress in your life, and explore different ways to engage with it so that you can change how you relate to it.

*Earlybird, must be booked more than 4 weeks in advance.

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